Montessori Motivation

When you observe a Montessori classroom, there is not a teacher at the front telling everyone what they have to do. There is a quiet, respectful voice conversations, movements and lot of concentrated children who are motivated to work.

What motivates a child? Is it the materials or teachers or environment ? EVERYTHING…

Montessori approach is a holistic approach where each part of the process is intrinsically linked.

  • Montessori classroom provides freedom to work on things they are interested in – rather than what the teacher/adult tell them or a timeline.
  • It cultivate opportunities to work together, build independence, cooperate and care for others
  • It helps the children to learn to respect for themselves,each other and the environment – they are truly accepted and learn to accept others.
  • It generates curiosity – learning is about finding out rather than memorizing facts
  • It allows them to have choices
  • It keeps it real – they are not learning just for the sake of learning, but learning hot it applies in the real world giving meaning to their work.
  • It gives an opportunity to discover their errors and try again
  • It removes the competition and helps them look to themselves not to someone else learn from others – we can see others learning and be inspired to learn that too

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At Stacy Montessori Academy, our single largest mission is to “Equip the child with the keys that unlock their potential on their own”. To achieve this, the children need to develop to be independent, self-directed, self-disciplined, act consciously and know subconsciously when to learn and when they are ready. We work to place in their subconscious mind that learning is a continuous process for life.